Probability and Statistical Inference (GE)(9版)




1.The new organization: presents information in a logical, easy-to-grasp sequence, incorporating the latest trends and scholarship in the field of probability and statistical inference. Balanced coverage of probability and statistics includes:

?Five chapters that focus on probability and probability distributions, including discrete data, order statistics, multivariate distributions, and normal distribution.

?The text’s second half emphasizes statistics and statistical inference, including estimation, Bayesian estimation, tests of statistical hypotheses, and methods for quality improvement.

2.The student-friendly approach:reinforces basic mathematical concepts, requiring just a calculus background.

3.Application-oriented content:features real-world scenarios in the exercises and examples, with applications in the areas of biology, economics, health, sociology, and sports.

?Integration of computer-based data and applications showcases the increased use of data and computers for calcul↘50次 新多益滿分的怪物 NEW TOEIC↙ating probabilities, analyzing data, solving problems, and conducting simulations.

4.Historical vignettes:at the end of each chapter outline the origin of the greatest accomplishments in the field of statistics, adding enrichment to the course.

5.All of the data sets are available online at the Pearson Math & Stats Resources website in formats for use with most statistical software packages; enhanced figures from the text and Maple examples are also available.


  • 出版社:華泰文化


  • 出版日期:2014/12/30
  • 語言:英文

Probability and Statistical Inference (GE)(9版)





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